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H.I.K.I.D.S is a motivational program designed to aid and encourage all youth to develop self-esteem as well as a sense of self-accomplishment. With the help of volunteers, churches, and local businesses, this endeavor is accomplished through personal outreach and planned activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and cycling which include the entire family. These activities enhance and promote family life. We model and expect exemplary sportsmanship and respect during all activities.

Weekly, two-hour meetings of H.I.K.I.D.S are held where guest speakers address the youth. We offer wildlife, nature, craft, and hygiene programs as other presentations at meetings. Tutoring assistance is available weekly as well as offering at least one field trip a month for the involved youth. We believe it is important to praise and reward their academic achievements as they improve.

Faith in God is the key ingredient to our HIKIDS program. We strive to instill in the youth, a greater appreciation for life and respect (especially for those in authority) for others. We believe in making an investment in each youth’s life. The steps we take jointly, as a community to do just this, will improve our youths’ society today and result in a stronger, better world for them tomorrow. Our motivation is to show love.


Our goal is to help boys and girls develop Socially, Physically, Mentally, and Morally.

Our goal is to help young men and women develop into Socially, Physically, Mentally, and Morally functioning adults in society.

Our goal is to encourage community involvement by bringing parents, children, and neighbors together and then to utilize those healthy relationships as means of dissolving turf barriers and preventing gang activity.


  1. Visit/counsel kids @ homes
  2. Attend kid’s school activities (Video/photos)
  3. Pick up/drop off kids for HIKIDS meetings
  4. Pick up refreshments for HIKIDS meetings
  5. Pick up groceries for camps and outings
  6. Plan HIKIDS events
  7. Attend all HIKIDS events planning meetings
  8. Work on grants
  9. Seek grants
  10. Seek sponsors
  11. Send out thank you letters to sponsors for every event
  12. Send out Christmas Cards to our sponsors
  13. Keep up with the HIKIDS calendar (notify kids/leaders on revisions)
  14. Set up HIKIDS meeting room
  15. Set up and plan all camp and outings
  16. Order HIKIDS promotional items
  17. Work up budget
  18. Keep up with HIKIDS expenses/account
  19. Drive to Camp David when needed
  20. Purchase Camp David supplies/equipment
  21. Keep up with Camp usage
  22. Request/keep up with Camp David Consent Forms
  23. Keep up with liability Ins. for HIKIDS
  24. Request/keep up with report cards.
  25. Request/keep up with HIKIDS consent forms.
  26. Request/keep up with background checks for the HIKIDS staff.
  27. Make sure vans are reserve for HIKIDS activities.
  28. Purchase all HIKIDS incentives.